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The Right Size Shirt. Sleeve Edition.

To wear the right size shirt, we first looked at the collar, in the previous post, Collar Edition. The right size collar is very important. But also, another crucial part to a properly fitting dress shirt is the sleeve length. 

Often the sleeve length is overlooked or ignored. Sometimes we may a find a shirt that we really like, or the price is what we really like after a sale, but we just look at the collar size and not the sleeve length. Or, the store may not have the right sleeve length in stock so we buy the next size thinking that it won’t really be that big of a difference. But it is! We must consider the cooler size and sleeve length.

You can’t hide behind your suit. You don’t wear your suit coat all the time to hide how long the sleeves are. And as soon as you take off the jacket, what does your shirt look like? If the sleeves are too long and bunching, the whole shirt will look too big and like you don’t know how to dress yourself.


So this post is simple. Similar to my last post about not buying a size up just to save $, treat the sleeves the same. Don’t do it. If you have bunchy sleeves, you won’t want to take off your suit coat, or you’ll roll up your sleeves. And that doesn’t work because everyone can see that they are rolled up three times but they are still at your wrists (right).


There will always be some extra material throughout the sleeves, but if there is so much that your sleeves are bunching at the bottom, your wrists, then it is too big (left).

Below are a couple of pictures that area  good guide to follow as to where the cuffs should fall.

If the sleeve length and collar sizes are right, your shirts will fit properly and look proper on you!

Just stick to buying and wearing the sleeve length that is right for you. The rule for today – No bunching! Your shirts will look much better and very presentable.




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