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Terrific Tuesday

Today was yet another great day of VBT here at GRIBT! Yesterday, I mentioned that we had 210 children, or, 210 precious souls to whom we were able to share the Gospel! What a great privilege, but also a great responsibility. We saw 18 children make professions of faith yesterday! Today, with 219 in attendance, 30 more children made professions of trusting in Christ, to a total of 48 for the first two days! As Pastor Amsbaugh often puts it, 48 children have now missed Hell and gained Heaven!

We have had a lot of fun in the 4th and 5th grade boys class. Getting to know these guys has been a blast! I’m thankful for Matt Schaub, Scott McClean, and a few teenagers who helped in the class today. I was a bit saddened when some students from yesterday were not in class today. But praise the Lord we had double the amount of new kids today as there were of those who did not return. I am praying those not there today will be back tomorrow!

The most exciting thing that happened today was when I gave the invitation at the conclusion of the lesson. Upon asking if there was anyone that did not know for sure they would go to Heaven when they die and would like to make sure they would by trusting in Christ as the Savior, 17 4th and 5th grade boys said yes, and more importantly, they said yes to Christ! Praise God!

Back at home, my wife and I are still talking about what God has done. Today, was terrific!



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