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Day 3 Update

A quick update about Day 3:

Today brought some new exciting things at VBT! It was our largest attendance of the week at 322 children! The Lord just keeps bringing in more children that He wants to hear about Him. 20 new children today called on Him as their personal Savior! Such an exciting day!

In my 4th & 5th grade boys class, “Headband-Man Andy” was back to teach again. He taught on Monday, and was glad to see him up there again today. He does a great job communicating the message on a level these young guys get into! He had them on the edge of their seats! We also had a high in attendance for the week in our class. Total of 27 today with 3 new visitors brought by other students. We challenged them to bring more visitors tomorrow to reach 35! If we do, ice cream sandwiches for everyone (in our class =) )!

Several acknowledged that they have never asked Christ to save them, and showed interest but didn’t pull the tiger. Pray that they will do so tomorrow!

Here are some pics from the day:


Class Time


Getting kids involved in the lesson


Kickball at Game Time


Rally Time


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  1. Laura F.

    Sounds like your VBT is a great success and the kids seem to be loving it!

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