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Day 4

Today was an exciting day. We were trying for 35 in our class, but were shy by just 4. But we still had an increase from yesterday, and reached our highest daily number so far at 31. We’ll try for 35 again tomorrow! Yesterday, in my Day 3 Update, I mentioned that there were some boys who acknowledged that they had never trusted in Christ, but didn’t pull the trigger. I was praying for these all night and this morning. When the buses and students began to arrive, it was obvious that the kids were wound up tighter than a tick already, and they were letting go! We played a game and had a lot of fun, but then they were much harder to get to settle down and listen then in the first 3 days. Inwardly I quickly prayed, that the Holy Spirit would somehow help calm them down so they could listen and that He would work in their hearts.

Well, He heard my prayer. They all listened right up during the lesson, and very intently. I was so excited and prayed the whole time that those guys would make the decision today to receive Christ. We also had a few new fellas so I was also excited for them getting to hear the Gospel. I was so excited about it that I had to tell myself to not rush through the lesson just to get to the invitation. I had to make sure the lesson for the day and the Gospel were both and collectively taught clearly. And praise God, 5 bowed their heads and prayed to receive Christ as the Savior! A few of these were some that I was praying for from yesterday, and a couple were brand new guys to the class today, or to acknowledging their need for Christ!

We had a total of 293 kids, 62 workers, and 37 total professions of faith today in all of VBT! Praise the Lord! Pray for our final day of Vacation Bible Time tomorrow!


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