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Day 5

Well VBT has come to an end for 2014. What a great week! Praise the Lord for 310 children today, and 12 of them making professions of faith! That makes 117 total children for the week who placed their faith and trust in Jesus Christ to be their personal Savior! Amen!

In my class, we had 32 today. So again, we were just shy of our goal of 35. But we did have visitors everyday, including today, and our attendance grew each day. There were 48 different boys that were in my class throughout the week! And 22 of them called upon Christ to save them! Praise the Lord!

I’m thankful to have taught this class. I was able to have some of the same students I get to teach every Sunday in Sunday School, plus I was able to meet many more new guys! This was a really great bunch of guys. Many of them showed a great interest in the Bible lessons everyday. Some of them, who didn’t previously come to GRIBT for church, actually knew a lot of the Bible stories that we talked about so it encouraged me to know that they are getting Bible instruction somewhere. But it was great to meet many kids brand new this week, that have never stepped foot inside our church before. One of my students, Alderson, who came for the first time on Tuesday, asked me, “What is this?” He didn’t really know what he was there for. So I briefly explained it and as I got started with the Bible lesson a few minutes later, it clicked. He said out, “Oh is this a church?!” I’m thankful for these opportunities, to minister to a vast array of children this week!

A verse that I had in mind this week was Jude 22, “And of some having compassion, making a difference.” My prayer is that through my love and compassion for these children, God could make a difference in their lives.

One of my favorite phrases is “teamwork makes the dream work”. This week was definitely a team effort! So many workers in so many different ways stepped up to the plate to make this happen for all these children.

I am looking forward to follow-up! I now have many guys to follow-up with and hope to see start coming to church regularly. And ultimately, I hope to meet and reach their parents and family. If these guys keep coming to church, that is great! But if they start coming to church together as a family, that is even better! I am praying to this end!

For more pictures from the week, visit GRIBT’s instagram page!


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