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Movember is the new November. And it’s time to let it grow! A mustache that is.

You may have heard of or seen on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram the term and “hashtag” “Movember”. And most likely it was associated with a picture of a guy with a mustache, who normally doesn’t have a… mustache. The truth is it’s more than just a “hashtag”. It’s actually a very clever way to raise awareness and money for men’s health and cancer research and treatment. Also, “Movember”, is actually the Movember Foundation who is behind it all. They have set out to “change the face of men’s health”. The mustache attracts the attention and opens the conversations. You can, as I have, register at and raise money that will go to this cause. They have many programs for men’s health and men’s cancer treatment. Often, a certain kind of cancer or disease has its own associated color that whenever it is seen, you know what it stands for. The mustache, is that icon for mens health this month. Here are some stats given by the Movember Foundation on men’s health:


My mustache this month is also helping me make some changes concerning my healh, such as, no more soda! As of November 1st, I have cut out soda and am drinking water only. I have not had one glass or drink of Pepsi or Root Beer (my two faves) since. I never really drank much water, never really liked it compared to soda, so I thought it would be something that I would not end up sticking to, to cut out soda. So I never tried. I never wanted to try it. But this month has given me a little more cause. The switch hasn’t been too bad. The first few days was actually better than expected. However I did miss my Pepsi, and I almost went for it one night, but more out of habit. But a few days in, and then it hit me hard on the 6th day. I had a headache all day, and I was very edge, and shaky all day. My poor co-workers had to deal with me! But those withdrawals are better.

No More Soda from Joe Faulk on Vimeo.

I have grown out my facial hair, now being a full beard. But according to the rules of the Movember Foundation, it must be a mustache.

Movember Rules

I wanted to just grow it out a bit before I shaved and trimmed it up into the mustache, so it is coming. I will write an update on my soda-water switch and my mustache status each week.

You can sign up and register your Mo, learn more and find health tips and programs at You can donate to my Mo, or in the honor of it, at

Also, check out my sister’s website about the miraculous road God has led her down concerning her health!


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