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Mid-Movember Update

My “movember” has turned into “no shave november”. I hadn’t shaved my beard leaving only the stache for the first week just to let it grow out a bit. But my wife ended up really liking my beard and didn’t want me to shave it! So I kept the whole beard for another week, and she still didn’t want me to shave it! If I knew she would like this beard this much I would have maybe grown it out a long time ago =). I have always wanted to see how much and how fast my beard would grow if I didn’t shave for a while! And it’s getting pretty burly. But we’ll see, we may still get a mustache at some point this month.

One change that I am making that I mentioned in my last post “November“, to start bettering my health, is giving up soda for the month, and drinking only water. I have stuck to my goal so far, and have had nothing to drink but water… except for a little bit of eggnog. This has actually gone pretty well, better than I anticipated. Major cravings and taking sips here and there is what I thought I would succumb to. But I haven’t even taken a sip! And I gotta be honest, I do feel better when drinking water than soda all day. I think it may be a permanent switch. I have also worked on ridding my diet of snacking on junk foods, and snacking late at night before going to bed. Better health and getting back into better physical shape are my goals. And this has been a good start.

What are you doing to improve your health?


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