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2014 In Review

It’s the end of 2014. But better yet, it’s the beginning of 2015. I hope that 2014 has been a great year for you. And may 2015 be even better! I love looking back on a completed year to see where I was at the beginning, and where I am now at the end. I hope that you have experienced growth, and that there are tools and resources you have found to help better your life and day-to-day lifestyle. I thought I’d share a list and some links of things that I have discovered in 2014 to be of great use, a place to get a great deal, or a product that is of great quality. This is not an exhaustive list, and will add to it in the future. Here’s just a start with a few items:

  1. I am a huge fan of Allen Edmonds shoes. And I am a fan of Allen Edmonds because of 4 main reasons: They are made in the USA; they are classic styles that never go out of style; they have a great refurbishing program; they are great quality that will last a lifetime. I could give you more reasons. But those are probably the biggest. And the shoe bank is a website where you can find really great deals!
  2. Great deals on ties, bow ties, pocket squares, and other men’s accessories at great prices! Check them out.
  3. Tile. I saw these being advertised and checked them out and thought they were pretty neat. Then I actually got one for Christmas this year! I really like it. Tile is a device that you put on your key ring, your wallet, computer, tablet, or whatever it is that you may frequently misplace. For me, it went on my key ring. The tile device itself pairs with a free app you download on your smart phone. And if you misplace your item, you can locate it through the app, and the device will sound an alarm. Very helpful when you are trying to leave and just can’t remember where you left those keys!
  4. eBay. Seriously. Don’t be afraid to search through eBay for ANYTHING you are looking for. eBay is always my first stop. Or, if I see something in a store that I like, I instantly pull up the eBay app and look to see if I can find a good deal there first. The app even has a search option to scan a bar code! I have gotten so many items on eBay that saved me so much money! Even if you don’t want to get your item used, there’s always great deals on new products versus buying in store. Here’s a few tips that I have learned: check the sellers rating and reviews; if buying an expensive or high-end/specialty product, only buy from eBay store to ensure you are buying authentic merchandise. Some stores are even authorized dealers, i.e. TaylorMade Golf has a list of their authorized eBay stores on their own website that they guarantee to be authentic; and be careful of shipping costs! Some sellers like to hike up their shipping cost way above what is necessary; also, you can follow sellers that you really like. So if you find a seller or a store that was good to you, you can follow them to stay up to date with all their new listings; lastly, make sure you give reviews after purchases! I always wait until I receive the merchandise to make sure it is as the auction and seller described. But always leave a review, it’s like leaving a tip at a restaurant.
  5. Here’s one for social media, If This Then That. This is a neat way to automatically send photos you post on Instagram to Twitter, with the native picture so it shows in the tweet, rather than just the Instagram link. But it can do so much more. You can make your own “recipes” or browse others, and choose from many to use, such as, sending you an email when your favorite ink cartridge is listed for sale in your area on Craigslist. Browse through, I’m sure there are many you can take advantage of.

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