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Enough Is Enough

Do you ever feel that your patience and faith couldn’t be tested any more? That you’ve been through it all? Have you said, “Enough is enough!”? And yet, another seeming “test” comes along? Are we ever tested enough?

Job was a man, who if anyone could feel this way, he could. And yet he maintained a faith in God that we all can not only admire, but strive to have ourselves.

In a world that is so materialist and feel oriented (i.e. “do what feels good to you), temptation is all around us to not live by faith but to live by sight. But the Bible commands us the opposite. And though you and I may feel that as  a Christian, we have this down, we’ve been tested and tried enough, often it may seem that our faith is continuously tested.

May I remind you that it wasn’t God who was testing Job, it was Satan. God was letting Satan bring those trials into Job’s life. And it would be good to remember this as we go through times that we feel we are being tested. It may be God, and we must respond appropriately. But it may Satan, trying to get us down or cause us to distrust God, or even make it easy for us to curse God. Although in a world that says to just curse God and die, or, do it your own way, we must practice the same resiliency and steadfastness as Job. Our response to tests from the devil are just as important as to tests from God.

Job’s response was resilient. He was steadfast and did not throw in the towel or wave the white flag. God promised that He will not suffer us to be above that we are able. (1 Corinthians 10:13). If God allowed it not your life, He can walk you through it. No trial, or anything that the devil brings or that God allows will or can defeat us. It will pass.

His faith was renewed.

When you and I are resilient in our faith,
our faith will always be renewed.

When we see God work, it will give us new zeal to continue, and a fresh knowledge of God’s power so that the next trial that comes, we will know that God can and will get us through it. So many times have I entered a trial and been able to say to my wife, “I know God will work it out and get us through because He has done it for us before!”

And Job’s abundance was replenished. When God takes something away, it is either something He didn’t want in our lives, or He is going to replace or replenish it. It may be for the purpose of providing something even better. God doesn’t take things away because He wants us to be without. But maybe He just wants to know that we will be ok and still trust in Him when we are without. Or again, maybe the devil thinks that if he tempts us by taking something away, we will curse God. It is amazing how that even the devil knows to tempt and try us with things. 

Like Job, lets not let the devil be right. Let’s make him walk away from us with his head down.

You may feel that you can’t go through anymore, that you’ve been tested and tried enough. I don’t know if enough will ever be enough. A trial doesn’t mean that God left us. God never left Job. And He will never leave us. So let’s not leave Him. Let’s learn from Job and respond like Job, to a test and trial – be resilient, allow it to renew us, and remember that God will replenish us. And we too can prove God right and Satan wrong. We walk by faith and not by sight no matter what may come our way.


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