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Why Jason Day Is A Winner

On Friday of the 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay in Tacoma, WA, Jason Day collapsed while walking past the grandstands on the 9th hole. At first, it seemed he had maybe rolled his ankle, losing his balance and falling to the ground. But it was confirmed that the fall was due to the unfriendly attack of vertigo.

As I watched this, I thought that this would be the final hole of the 115th US Open for Day. To my amazement, he announced Saturday that after speaking with doctors and resting overnight, he would play on. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect from his round, and wondered how he would stay on his feet again. But Day, impressed myself and the world by playing not only through this vertigo attack, but played well. After his 2 under 3rd round, Day is tied for the lead at -4.

This story is amazing to me because I share this illness called vertigo. When vertigo hits, you immediately go into a fast spin and lose all sense of balance. Collapsing to the ground is an automatic reaction. Also, the dizziness causes your a very uneasy stomach which often results in much vomiting. It can easily put you out for 24-48 hours. I have been laid up for a week before, with nothing but constant spinning, dizziness, and vomiting.

For Jason Day to be back and playing golf the next morning, swinging over 100 mph, walking up and down those hills of Chambers Bay, focusing on putt-lines, is quite amazing. Though he stated he felt ok enough to play, from experience I know that he was fighting through a weak stomach and light-headedness. These are just always after-effects that linger around. And from what I saw, there were definitely times that he needed to look down, close his eyes, attempting to regain balance and stability to stop dizziness.

Day did not hang around to comment post-round, however, a playing partner did say that there is a saying on the PGA Tour that goes something like “Watch out for the sick golfer.” For some reason, it just seems to give them some kind of resolution to go out there and play strong. Well, it was proved true in Jason Day’s case today, because strong he played. Well done Jason.

I found myself rooting for Jason Day. It’s a kind of story that inspires you, and awes you into wanting to see the ultimate finish, a victory. It’s a kind of story that inspires you to go out there keep pushing no matter how tough you’ve got it, no matter what circumstances surround you, to fight on, to not give up. Many players were complaining about the greens and their condition, but not once did you hear Day complain. Because Jason Day is a golfer. He did what golf is all about, gritting and grinding it out. He did what we all want to see – passion, drive, and a resolve to push through despite. He had a goal in mind, and nothing was going to stop him.

Though he was not standing with the trophy in the end, Jason Day is still a winner. Kudos, Jason Day.


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