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Thoughts From Family Life Conference

Last month, my church (Greater RI Baptist Temple) hosted a Family Life Conference. We had guest speakers from the Bill Rice Ranch, Evangelists Bill Rice III, Will Rice IV, and Tim Thompson.

I was very excited because several months prior we had Bill Rice III with us who preached in a Sunday morning service. It was a phenomenal message! It was the first time that I had heard him preach, so I was looking very much forward to hearing him again, as well as meet and hear his son, Will Rice IV.

This conference was awesome! There was so much practical, yet thought-provoking, and convicting, lessons taught that have been great helps in family life situations. They addressed topics such as marriage, parenting, leadership. We had two sessions on Friday night, four on Saturday, and of our three regular services on Sunday.

Here are a some quick take-a-ways I wanted to share:

  • It’s not about the kind of child you have, it’s about the kind of adult you want
  • If we can be the right kind of parents, we can have the right kind of children
  • God asks us to do things we cannot do, but He never asks us to do something He cannot do
  • The home is not complicated, it’s hard. Those are two different things.
– Your family cannot follow if you will not lead
– I am not leading my family if I am serving myself
  1. Take initiative in doing right by your wife
  2. Take initiative in making decisions
  3. Take initiative in protection and provision
  4. Take initiative in raising children

On raising and dealing with your children:

  • don’t ask, tell
  • don’t respond, act
  • don’t wait, anticipate
  • don’t endure, ask (for help)
  • don’t accept, determine
“History will be kind to me for I intend to write it” – Winston Churchill
*If you would like to listen to the recordings, you can listen on our church website here
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Joe is the Children's & Media Pastor at Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple in Johnston, RI.

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