About Me

IMG_5832Joe Faulk was raised in a pastor’s home. He is the proud son of Pastor Tom A. Faulk in Groton, MA. Their origin goes back to Cleveland, OH, and his spiritual beginnings were established at the Cleveland Baptist Church. This is where both of Joe’s parents were saved and his dad called to preach. Joe spent his elementary years there in Cleveland. It was in these early years that Joe was saved and sensed the call of God to follow in the same path of ministry and preaching God’s Word. His father, brother, and himself were all called to preach under this ministry. Joe’s family followed God’s call to New Hampshire where he lived during his Junior High and High School years. He later attended West Coast Baptist College for two years, and eventually graduated from New England Baptist College in Southington, CT in 2007. Joe pastored a church in Connecticut for three years. Then in 2010, he and his wife, Susannah, moved to Rhode Island to serve at the Greater Rhode Island Baptist Temple.

Joe has an older brother, Tom R. Faulk, who pastors the Victory Baptist Church in Lattimore, NC, and two older sisters.

Susannah was born and raised in RI and grew up attending GRIBT. Her parents were saved under the early ministry of Pastor Tom Crichton in the first year of GRIBT’s existence. Her parents have faithfully served at GRIBT in great capacities ever since. Susannah had the desire since a young girl to marry and serve along side her husband in the ministry. Today, she does just that!


She has three older sisters. Joe and Susannah both are the youngest of four.

Joe oversees children’s ministries and events at GRIBT. He endeavors to teach children to keep sensitive hearts toward God, obey His Word, and find His will for their lives as they develop into adolescents. He strives to keep an exciting atmosphere for the children whether in class, Patch Club, or a special activity. Joe also administrates the church media.

Joe and Susannah met in Bible college. Separately, they followed God’s will to where He wanted them and little did they know, He was bringing them together. They have one daughter, Lili, and one son, Carson.

Joe is a big sports fan. He played soccer and basketball through high school and college, but is too out of shape to play those anymore so he now plays golf. He is a coffee drinker and sushi eater.

He loves to dress well. Not necessarily expensive, but well. Dressing well and acting properly doesn’t have to mean dressing expensively. And Joe has learned some tips and tricks which have helped him to be “simply gentleman” and desires to help others also which has lead to this blog.

He has spent many years working in department stores such as Dillard’s, an Ecco retail store, and Nordstrom.



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